BioSYS programme offers a post-graduate training during the first semester (academic courses) involving manely international experts in different fields that bring their own experience to the discussion.

This will allow each student to contact with internationaly recognized researchers and make contacts and collaborations with them.

The following 3 ½ years are  devoted to research in either national or international laboratories.

During the 4 year Training course Students are meant to write their one project and discuss their progress report with the Thesis Advisory committee as indicated bellow:



Please download detailed course programme below:



General Description

  • Module 1 – Basics & Gene Expression (3 weeks; 6 ECTS; FCUL Discipline nº 541118)

    Responsible Faculty: Carlos M Farinha, Luísa Romão & Margarida Carvalho

  • Module 2 – Biological Systems & Genomics (3 weeks;6 ECTS; FCUL Discipline nº 541121)

    Responsible Faculty: José Pedro Gil & Astrid Vicente

  • Module 3 – Cell Signalling, Differentiation & Physiology (3 weeks;6 ECTS; FCUL Discipline nº 541119)

    Responsible Faculty: Peter Jordan, Solveig Thorsteinsdottir & Karl Kunzelmann

  • Module 4 – Functional Genomics. Advanced Light Microscopy. (3 weeks; 6 ECTS; FCUL Discipline nº 541120)

    Responsible Faculty: Luka Clarke, Margarida Amaral & Rui Malhó

  • Module 5 – Bioinformatics & Computational Modelling (3 weeks;6 ECTS; FCUL Discipline nº 541122)

    Responsible Faculty: Francisco Pinto & André Falcão


During the next 3 years the student will attend the following transferrable (soft) skills courses:

  • Science ethics (FCUL Discipline nº 541122)
  • Effective communication in science
  • Scientific writing
  • Career development in academia & industry
  • Entrepreneurship & IP issues
  • Languages courses (optional).