What is the language of the programme?

English is the official language of the BioSys programme as this is the language of science and also because of the high degree of internationalization of this programme. The use of English facilitates the offer of the courses to international community.


Is there travelling involved?

Yes. High mobility of the enrolled PhD students is foreseen through mixed fellowships (about half of the proposed fellowships) which will take place in Germany, UK, Sweden, France, Switzerland and others. Additional internship periods (secondments) are also expected to occur at the various participating institutions.


Can I be admitted to BioSys without a scholarship?

You can be admitted to the programme without a scholarship. In case you are not awarded one of the 11 PhD scholarships, you need to declare on the application form that you are capable and willing to secure the funds [€ 2,750 University fees (per year), plus subsistence] necessary to pursue the BioSys programme.


What is the amount of the grant and what does it cover?

The grant component follows the rules of FCT, which you should read for a detailed description of applicable conditions. In summary, it includes:

  • A monthly allowance whose current amount is 980 Euros (1710 Euros for mixed scholarships);
  • A pre-established allowance for registration with the PhD degree at FCUL/UL;
  • Social security insurance (optional)
  • Personal accident insurance.