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BioSys_Call for Applications

As this is an interdisciplinary course, the programme is open to candidates holding an MSc degree in Biochemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Physics, Applied Mathematics and Engineering. Candidates from non-Biological areas are thus strongly encouraged to apply.

· Top students are encouraged to enrol and applicants with previous research experience and laboratory skills will be favoured.

· Highly qualified students of all nationalities may apply for BioSys PhD programme!

· Candidates should demonstrate their fluency (in writing, speaking and reading) in English.

· Applicants should have an interest in establishing innovative techniques and enjoy working in an international stimulating research environment.

· The MSc degree will be required from candidates applying from countries within the Bologna agreement, or those with similar undergraduate programs (3-year BSc programmes). MSc degree must be held until application deadline or a proof of experience in the field of the project should be provided.

· Applicants who received their BSs 5-year degree prior to the Bologna agreement or those from a country with a 4- or 5-year University undergraduate (BSc) degree are are normally also eligible but should contact the office of the PhD programme first (

· A minimum admission grade of 14/20 (for the undergraduate degree) and 16/20 for the MSc degree are required. However, exceptional students with proven research experience (e.g., publications) but lower grades may also apply.


Candidates should be available for a face to face interview (or via Skype, if abroad).